BioAg Innovations™ is proud to introduce BIOHarvest™. BIOHarvest™ is a proprietary bionutritional product that has been formulated to deliver higher quality fruits in crops such as grapes and tomatoes. BIOHarvest™ is a proprietary blend of seaweed extract, carbohydrates and an amino acid blend that provides extra energy and nutrition to plants that are in the stressful fruiting stage. The amino acid package is in the L form, which makes it completely bio­available for the treated crop.

BIOHarvest™ is best used during the frutation stage of plant growth.

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BIOHarvest™ can improve crop quality by increasing fruit set, size, color, and firmness. In addition, it also improves fruit uniformity and reduces flower and fruit drop. This bionutritional product can help your crops have the strength they need to defend themselves against environ­mental stress and other factors that reduce yield and quality.

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8.4 oz (250 mL), 33.8 oz (1 L), 1.3 gal (5 L)

Key Benefits

  • Reduce fruit drop
  • Improve plant natural defenses to abiotic stress
  • Increase fruit size, weight, color, and firmness
  • Enhance growth and uniformity
  • Improve post-harvest appearance, quality and shelf life


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